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Mind-Body Medicine

Dr Ayiesha Malik is offering private health services. She graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Medicine and qualified as a GP in 2014. She believes there is a place for modern medicine in the treatment of acute infections and broken bones, but when it comes to chronic health and optimising wellness, there is a lot more than what modern medicine offers.

Dr Ayiesha studied personalised nutrition at the University of Middlesex as well as homeopathy with the faculty of homeopathy. She has also completed master NLP training and CBT courses which have been life-changing. Dr Ayiesha has also completed SIRPA training- which looks at the mind and body connection for approaching chronic pain and illness and has read Dr Sarno’s work. 

Most people know they need to exercise and sleep better and cut out junk food. I don’t believe that most people lack the information they need, but benefit from understanding the psychological barriers that prevent them being able to make these changes. With compassion and support, I help my clients develop self-awareness that facilitate positive changes.


  • Dr Ayiesha Malik MBChB -Degree in Medicine 

  • Master NLP - Neuro linguistic programming

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy practitioner (CBT)

  • SIRPA training

  • PG certificate in Personalised Nutrition

  • LFHOM - homeopathy 

  • Strategic intervention - life coaching

  • Naturopathic /environmental medicine training with BSEM- British Society of Ecological Medicine.

Long covid/vaccine injuries

I am aware of the rise in health concerns with long covid and vaccine injuries and am therefore starting to offer services in this area. As both long covid and vaccine injuries are both relatively new presentations, I like many others, have limited experience here, but due to the need, am looking to serve these groups of clients.

Dr Ayiesha Malik  has co-signed letters calling for safety reviews of the covid-19 vaccinations. She is also a member of the HART group -

The mind and body are strongly connected and to achieve optimal health, both need taking care of.



- Dr Ayiesha Malik


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