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 My Philosophy


"Big Pharma needs sick people to prosper.

Patients, not healthy people, are their customers"

Health is not merely the absence of disease, but well- being. Many people feel tired and will have a blood test. If all is normal, they are usually "reassured" all is well. Little to no attention is give to their mental well-being, their diet, their hydration, their sleep, their sugar consumption, allergies, mold, vitamin D status etc. There is so much to consider beyond a basic blood test and the idea that one pharmaceutical pill will "cure" us. People need a holistic approach to well-being. Our mental health affects us more than we realise and it can present with physical symptoms. I have helped people record from back pain, headaches, heartburn, planters fasciitis, irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions using talking therapies. 

Medical Ethics

Health is about putting patients first and respecting their autonomy. They should be the ones making informed choices about their health and any intervention. They should be informed of harms and benefits of any treatments and not coerced into making decisions. 

Doctors should honour their oath of "Do no harm."


Corruption of Big Pharma

Bigpharma is about profits before health. The industry has a history of fraud, bribery and corruption.  Despite criminal charges and fines, they continue to do provide many pharmaceuticals, with little accountability. 


Treat Root Causes

Modern medicine masks the underlying problem, by simply putting a plaster over the nail in the foot. We need to take a closer look and focus on getting the nail out and then healing the wound. 


Homeopathy is a complete medical system

Many people would rather take a holistic approach to health, than pop a pill that masks their symptoms and in the long-run perpetuates poor health. 

Homeopathy is a complete medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. It uses tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals. They believe these stimulate the healing process. Remedies are prescribed based on the individual symptoms a client presents with and uses a principle of "like treats like". 


Naturopathy is the way forward

Naturopathy is about providing a personalised approach to each client and looking at root causes of illness. It aims to  support the body's  innate ability to heal itself. It looks at the person as a whole and aims to restore balance. Health and well-being are multi-factorial, from stress to sleep, hydration to radiation. Naturopathy aims to educate client to take responsibility for their own healing and maintenance of health and uses traditional tools of homeopathy and lifestyle, alongside modern treatments such as bioresonance. 



The state of our mind affects our health and it is impossible to have good health without a healthy head. Whilst there is plenty of evidence  for the role emotions play in our physical symptoms, very little is done in the current medical model to address them. 

It's time to embrace the human body as one and no longer separate the physical ailments from the state of the mind. They are connected and by improving the state of your mental health, your physical health will improve. 

Understanding the HPA Axis

(Hypothalamic Pituitary Ardenal)


Type A (impatient, hostile) personalities have increased risks of heart disease,

Backpain & Migraines are associated with depression

Anxiety affects our breathing and can cause palpitations. 

Tension in the calf muscles can result from an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system, causing aches and pains - including plantar fasciitis. 

Increased cortisol can decrease bone density by inhibiting the bone-building osteoblasts and contributing to osteoporosis

Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis are known to be worse with stress. Work on underlying stress to help manage your symptoms. 

Tension in our minds creates tension

Stress affects the physiological processes that take place - cortisol and adrenaline levels - together with tension in the body, affect circulation and oxygenation of tissues - which in turn cause somatic symptoms. 

Adopting a mindset of acceptance to grow from life's events can help live a more meaningful life. I practice talking therapies, including contextual CBT to help clients achieve this. Mind-body medicine is my strength and the area that I have the most experience in, from all the options I offer. 

in our bodies

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