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"... thanks to her years of experience, Dr. Ayiesha is well able to quickly put her finger on the underlying root cause of the problem..."

I use a client-centred and bespoke approach in my management. The interventions I use are safe and evidence-based. I have been working on helping people improve their mental wellbeing for over a decade. My strengths are  helping clients with their mental health and chronic pain. 

Tazneem Zaidi's Migraines

"I was a strong believer that my migraines were hormones related, seems like I was wrong..."


I have suffered from migraines for 15 years. Initially my headaches were infrequent, about once in two months, at its worse it became twice a week. Initially my migraine would be easy to deal with.. Taking a nap or taking and over the counter pain medication would knock it off. At its worst nothing would knock it off for days . . .

Jeff Anderson's Vertigo

"My vertigo wasn't caused by an injury, it was unexpression childhood trauma..."


My vertigo first manifested to a milder degree a few months after getting married, with several days and weeks going by with little to no occurrence of vertigo. After inner ear balance test, patient had to leave employment and majority of their day was spent laying on the ground . . .

Adam Munir's Addiction

"My addiction was resolved within days by implementing Dr. Ayiesha's mental health tools..."


I suffered from an addiction for many years and I'm shocked by how easily it was beat by a simple shift in mindset. Dr. Ayiesha was able to identify the core problem behind my addiction and teach me tools for emotional regulation and acceptance. My sessions with Dr. Ayiesha have been life changing and I am now living the life I always wanted.

Christy Smith's Mental Health

"...Dr. Ayiesha changed my entire outlook on life..."


My sessions with Dr Ayiesha have truly been life changing. She is teaching me to understand myself, identify and change unwanted behavioural and thought patterns. It is no exaggeration to say that my entire outlook on life has changed from victimhood to being empowered in my own life. It is knowledge every child should learn from a young age

Linda Campbell's Wellbeing

"Unlike conventional therapy, I have found a lot of benefit working with Dr Ayiesha..."


Unlike conventional therapy, I have found a lot of benefit working with Dr Ayiesha. Every session produced a direction and actionable plan. I also benefited greatly from her homeopathic therapy in tandem with the sessions. I would recommend this therapy for anyone who’s looking to make a positive healing change happen within themselves.

* Names have been changed to maintain anonymity

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