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Client testimonials & Case Studies

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I have suffered from migraines for 15 years. Initially my headaches were infrequent, about once in two months, at its worse it became twice a week. Initially my migraine would be easy to deal with.. Taking a nap or taking and over the counter pain medication would knock it off. At its worst nothing would knock it off for days. During sessions with Dr. Ayiesha every time I had a migraine she helped me identify the stressor that may have caused it and helped me work on dealing with the issues causing stress.


It's been over two months now, and I am so happy that I haven't had a migraine 'attack'. I have had at times flashes of head aches that lasted for about an hour, or a pre migraine aura, but being able to identify the cause and use interventions to de-stress have helped me over come the symptoms. Some of the interventions used were first and foremost getting control of my life by setting boundaries, recognizing stress through reflection and journaling to address my self talk

I was a strong believer that my migraines were hormones related, seems like I was wrong.


I had tried many different medications to help me with the pain: Topamax many years ago. Had a severe side effect. Then tried Zolmitriptan to knock off the headache and needed to increase dose after a while. I felt terrible muscle cramping but it did knock off the migraine. I also tried different birth control pills. Some made it worse- at least that’s what I think. I was on also gabapentin when I was 30 for about a year. The same thing happened I needed to increase dose. It made me tired all day and caused a lot of weight gain.

During this time I saw a neurologist who examined me and got my history. Then she recommended that I get a CT scan to rule out anything in my brain that may be causing the increased frequency of headaches.

I never ended up getting the CT because the headaches have been gone. TR - female 36 years old

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

34-yr old male of immigrant parents to Canada with history of concussion at approximately age 18. Held back from high school graduation due to injury, lack of academic success at university (studying Psychology) attributed to injury, which has led to long periods of unemployment and lack of training or education.


Current manifest symptoms are persistent vertigo with varying degrees of severity with no discernible patterns for flair up; which manifested after an inner ear balance test. Symptoms first manifested to a milder degree a few months after getting married, with several days and weeks going by with little to no occurrence of vertigo. After inner ear balance test, patient had to leave employment and majority of their day was spent laying on the ground without ability to concentrate for any meaningful length of time. Specialists that were seen included two separate neurologists, three separate ENTs, two separate immunologists, a sleep clinic, two separate practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one practitioner of homeopathy, two separate physiotherapists, one chiropractor, one practitioner of unani medicine, and one spiritual healer. Treatment and diagnostics received over the course of two years prior to contacting Dr M included: several MRIs as well as CT scans, blood work, Holter heart monitor, ECGs, sleep apnea tests, allergy testing, pharmaceuticals for vertigo and allergies, invasive inner ear procedures for vertigo, homeopathy, vestibular physiotherapy from three separate clinics, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture from two separate practices, traditional unani medicine, as well as spiritual healing.

Contacted Dr M through wife, who determined they were able to work with client almost immediately and within two or three sessions, client experienced marked improvement, to the point of not experiencing vertigo at all. Diagnosis involved recognition from childhood trauma and controlling mother, which manifested as physical symptoms of vertigo and brain fog, unconsciously triggered and exacerbated by wife due to unresolved emotional pain. Part of the successful treatment included the successful diagnosis of TMS, the use of a concept known as journaling, as well as processing emotions that were left unexpressed, even from early childhood (timeline work). Client is surprised, to say the least, that treatment was so effective, as given their background in Psychology, the client believed that they were successfully dealing with issues that Dr M was working on

Patient is no longer spending the majority of their days on the floor, unable to spend meaningful time with family or community engagement. Patient is now seeking gainful employment while also studying independently to increase employable skillset while maintaining major household and family duties. As well, patient can discern when symptoms will manifest, what triggers them, and how best to deal with them.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

My sessions with Dr Ayiesha have truly been life changing. She is teaching me to understand myself, identify and change unwanted behavioural and thought patterns. It is no exaggeration to say that my entire outlook on life has changed from victimhood to being empowered in my own life. It is knowledge every child should learn from a young age


With years of experience and knowledge behind her, she is well able to quickly put her finger on the underlying root cause of the problem, whether it be in your relationship with yourself or others.

I love her common sense, warmth and absolute non-judgmental approach to clients. She is like a good friend , at whom you can throw any of your problems and she will always help you find your answers.

I am so grateful to have her in my life.

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