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The Three Step Process


Helping you identify your underlying problems, whilst empowering you with knowledge, support and tools to work towards lasting solutions

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Evaluating your current lifestyle and where
you need to be



Initially I will take time to listen to your symptoms and understand the impact it is having on your life. I would also like to understand your goals and where you would like to be. I have an interest in mind-body medicine and symptoms. I often ask about emotional issues and physical issues, to determine a link. I may also ask about your diet, sleep, hydration and exercise. 


Couples often book in seeking to better their health and marital relationship.


Analysis and Tests

An analysis of your symptoms will be considered. Bioresonance tests may be carried out- these are optional. This uses a device to determine any imbalances in your physical and mental health. 

I will think about your symptoms and formulate a strategy to help you reach your goals. I will discuss this with you and we will form a joint plan. A homeopathic remedy may also be suggested.

Analyzing physical and mental imbalances using bioresonance testing

Reviewing your progress to help ensuring you  are achieving your goals



Through weekly or monthly sessions we will review your progress and address any new issues. Mental wellness is usually a key focus. We will adjust the wellbeing plan as needed and continue to agree goals. Complimentary e-mail support is provided in between sessions. 


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If you feel you are ready to get started on your journey of wellbeing, book a session below. 

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