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Naturopathy,  Homeopathy

Embrace tools in personal development to live a healthier and more meaningful life.


The mind and body are strongly connected and to achieve optimal health, both need taking care of



Dr Ayiesha Malik, General Practioner

I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Medicine  and qualified as a GP in 2014. I believe that there is a place for modern medicine in the treatment of acute infections and broken bones, but when it comes to chronic health and optimizing wellness, there is a lot more than what modern medicine offers.


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Natural Holistic approach to Wellbeing



Many people want to enjoy good health without side effects of pharmaceuticals. Whilst giving some temporary short-term relief, many have serious and concerning side effects that many prescribing doctors themselves are unaware of. Homeopathy is an alternative option. 

I have personally seen the benefits with my own health and those of clients, in managing many conditions, including eczema, depression and hay fever.  

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects 30% of the population . This often affects their quality of life. Many are unable to get the pain relief they seek, despite taking numerous pain killers. By understanding the mind-body connection, people can better understand and manage their pain and how emotions can present as physical pain. Tools can also help people accept their symptoms and still live meaningful life and often when they do, their symptoms reduce too. 

Mental Wellbeing

Our quality of life is largely determined by our mental wellbeing. In the Western world, there is an epidemic of mental health issues, from depression and anxiety to stress and more. Optimising our mental health is absolutely crucial in being the person you want to be, and being able to build valuable relationships around you. We will all face adversity at times through our life, but many people do not have the tools to keep grounded and focused. The courses and therapy sessions offered here aim to equip you with these tools. 

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